Our grilled appetizers are always found at the steakhouse grill area. Choose from your favorite array of grilled sides to mix and match with your chosen cuts of meat. Remember, you may return to try more options as many times as you wish.
Homemade Chorizo
Our homemade charcoal-grilled pork sausage.
Grilled Sausage
A thinner varation of the classic homemade chorizo.
Grilled Vegetables
A variety of our house charcoal-grilled vegetables.
Grilled Sweetbreads
Beef sweetbread delicacies.
Blood Sausage
Charcoal-grilled Morcilla blood sausage.
Charcoal-grilled provolone cheese.

Flank Steak
A savory and delicious long and flat cut.

Top Sirloin

A robust charcoal-grilled cut sliced thick or thin.

Outside Skirt
A long, tough flat cut prized for taste over tenderness.

Rump Roast
A lean and tough cut, sliced thin that is also prized for its flavor.

Hanging Tender

Similar to flank in shape, this cut contains tons of flavor.

Beef Short Ribs

Tender beef short ribs with or without the bone.

Grilled Chicken
Charcoal-grilled chicken, marinated in spices and lemon zest.

Pork Pamplona
Our spin on the popular Pork Pamplona dish.

Pork Loin
Grilled pork loin good to be combined with your favorite sauce.

Pork Ribs
Juicy pork ribs with taste that literally falls off the bone.

Stuffed Chicken Breast
Our house version of the wolrd-famous Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Pork Loin
Grilled pork with a plum center stuffing.

Ask the grillmaster which fish is on the grill today.